• Brand Identity
• Updated Logo

together, we decided to create:

Taske force inc. is a family owned staffing agency managed by Trish. They pride themselves with putting their employee's first by placing them in a position that fits who they are and caters to their individual strengths. 

who is Taske Force, inc.?

"My biggest fear is always change, but Kirstin made the transition easy. She took the time to learn about our business, what we do and what is important to me.

Kirstin is smart, talented and full of fresh new ideas–my favorite one was incorporating my dad's saying into our brand messaging."

in trish's words:

"Trish runs an established business and was worried to rebrand initially because she wanted to ensure her clients still recognized her brand afterwards. We decided to update the logo but keep it similar enough to the old brand so clients and employees would still be able to easily recognize her brand."

in kirstin's words:

Trish came to me looking to update her Branding–the last time it had been looked at was in the early 90's and it felt outdated.

The problem.

Through conversation, Trish shared a folder with me that was her dad's. He started the business initially and the folder had random notes and ideas in there. One sheet she pulled out really stuck with me. It said, "The job is important but the people who do the job are more important." I knew we had to use it in their branding. It only made sense. Trish's dad was an inspiration in the way she still runs the business so I was excited to have that piece of information to implement into her updated brand.

During our meeting, we talked heavily about her target audience. We discussed how her business works, how she helps her clients, and the process of how she places employees in different positions. We also talked about her current struggles and ways she was open to changing things up.

to get clear on TRISH'S goals and and what she was expecting to learn through the strategy PROCESS. 


the strategy.


TOGETHER, we clarified her target audience, her brand messaging, and created an updated visual brand that her clients and employees easily recognize.