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together, we decided to create:

The blue umbrella bakery is an in home bakery Owned by amy. SHE loves showing her creativity through BAKING tasty desserts and surprising her clients with the details that make her designs stand out, creating a successful cakeality for them.

who is blue umbrella bakery?

"Before hiring Kirstin I was worried that we wouldn't have a clear understanding of what I was wanting. She made me feel part of the process every step; it wasn't her taking my few ideas and coming with her own, it was her putting my wants, needs, and creative ideas into a usable brand that represented me. I never felt shut out of the decisions.

I find myself constantly referring back to it not just for design work, but also when communicating with my customers. It helped me understand who I should be speaking to when posting and making it relevant for my audience."

in amy's words:

"Amy is a very artistic person who came to me with many wonderful ideas for her brand but didn't know how to execute her ideas effectively for her or her audience.  She knew the product she was offering was great but wasn't exactly sure who her audience was or how to communicate with them effectively."

in kirstin's words:

Amy came to me looking for more brand recognition, a clear brand story, and creating a better connection with her audience. 

The problem.

During the call, Amy talked about her creative process, her love for reading, and how her brand name, Blue Umbrella Bakery, was inspired by one of her favorite Stephen King novels. Through conversation, we were able to pinpoint who her ideal audience is–moms–and brainstormed about who they are, where they are coming from, and ways to relate and communicate with them as her brand. 

We decided to pair deep blues with soft pinks for an overall comforting and approachable feel to her branding. Incorporating a soft artistic vibe by utilizing brush strokes and a font that mimics handwriting and is easily legible while paired with a retro geometric pattern sends a soft, delicate but bold statement. These are the things that are important to Amy to deliver to her clients and we successfully conveyed that through her branding and creative strategy.

we started with a brand strategy call to get clear on amys goals and the direction she wanted to go with her branding. 

the strategy.


TOGETHER, we clarified her message, pinpointed who her ideal audience is, and created ways for Amy to communicate with her audience in a way that was authentic to her while staying on brand.