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Great branding takes great collaboration.

Jan 5, 2021

Without collaboration, it’s difficult to create a logo (or any deliverable) that will last and really represent your business. 

A great strategy takes collaboration. 

This is why I expect my clients to give me their full participation from the moment we start working together. When I have your full participation, your results will be that much more in line with your personality and goals.

It is essential for me to really understand your business and goals to help curate a strategic logo that goes along with your strategy and makes sense to your customers. 

How can you expect me to hit your project spot on when I don’t fully understand what your project is about so your logo/brand design can help you meet that goal? 

I don’t take orders anymore, instead, I create. I create something that will last, something that makes sense and is in line with your brand. A strategy you can refer to for years. A logo you will love and not want to change two years from now. 

This is why collaboration is important, why I get to feed my curiosity, and ask you all of the questions. I give you the space to talk about everything to do with you and your business. 

I let you talk about the creative ideas you have, your worries, your hopes, and everything else in between so I can make your logo, your design collateral, and everything else to do with your brand fit YOU! 

I genuinely want to collaborate with you. I want to see your creativity shine and thrive so you can live your dream with me. 

Who else is all about collaboration in their business?

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